Lauren Razek was founded by a sister and two brothers, Lauren, Hassan and Dean. With an English mother and an Egyptian father, they grew up between two worlds. With over three decades of experience between them in over ten countries, covering three continents, here is a family that offers a unique blend of knowledge and experience.



Dean’s experience is a fusion of banking, philosophy and technology. A political and social activist, he strongly believes that people have the power to create the change they want to see in the world and is compelled to harness his knowledge, talents and expertise to set a new ethical standard in the world of fashion. He holds an Msc in Philosophy from LSE and is an early adopter of blockchain.



Lauren brings together a unique blend of experience in international development and sustainability, a deep love and appreciation for beauty, and a fascination with mythology and ancient civilisations. She has an unwavering belief that fashion can pave the way for a kinder, more sustainable world. She has an MSc in Urbanisaiton and Development from the LSE and spent a year volunteering in Cambodia.



Hassan gained experience in banking working for global and regional banks in the Middle East and the UK. His exceptional talent for finance lead to exploring the integration of technology to improve financial services to the unbanked, which sparked an interest in social sustainability. In his role at LR, he found an opportunity to ally his experience and goals with his personal appreciation for bespoke tailoring.

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