Divine beauty with compassion for people and the earth 

Our dresses are ethically made in Egypt with environmentally sustainable bamboo fabric. Inspired by ancient civilisations and mythology, our designs are timeless and versatile paving the way for a gentler, kinder world of fashion. Unleashing our very own transparency portal for you to view our supply chain by simply scanning the label on your dress with your phone.

The opaque manner in which the fashion industry operates is one of the main reasons it continues to harm people and the environment. At Lauren Razek we believe in full transparency and we are dedicated to our environmental and social sustainable supply chain.


All people are entitled to the knowledge of the means and methods followed to create the garments they choose to wear and we promise to honour this right.

Committed to transparency and truth, we tell you the story of our supply chain openly from beginning to end  on our transparency portal, a modern vessel for truth. We are using this vessel to tell you the story of each piece from start to finish. 

The label of your dress is embedded with a technology, which when scanned with a smartphone reveals the journey of your dress coming to life every step of the way. You will see photos, videos, and certificates that verify the whole story.

Join us, as together we weave a better world.

Technology for Transparency

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